VIDEO: Why You Should Never Pay Full Price For A Mattress

Of all the high-ticket prices available for your home, one that our bookish cousin Consumer Reports won’t rate is your mattress, because everyone’s particular mattress needs are subjective. But that doesn’t mean CR won’t investigate whether or not customers are getting their money’s worth when they spring for their mattresses.

Consumer Reports dissected 11 spring mattresses and found that “they’re pretty much constructed the same,” and that the extra money is going mostly to more padding and nicer materials. “But to most people, you probably can’t tell.”

Because your sleep needs are so personal, CR advises you to never order your mattress online or over the phone.

Also, says CR, you shouldn’t be paying anywhere near full price for your mattress. In fact, they advise on not paying anything over 50% of the original selling price. So wait for sales and continue to haggle even then, because the mark-up on mattresses is huge.

Getting the Right Mattress [Consumer Reports]

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