The Grease Blotter: Today In Fast Food Related Crime

For whatever reason, fast food joints seem to be a target for crimes of all sorts. Ranging from outlandish to horrific, we’ll occasionally bring you The Grease Blotter, a round-up of the latest in crimes involving fast food chains.

Pizza Hut: Employee at Valdosta, GA, Pizza Hut shot during robbery, takes himself to the hospital. [Valdosta Daily Times]

Starbucks: Drunk driver in Frisco, TX, decides to give his local Starbucks a drive-thru window, by driving his car through the window. []

KFC: Three teens arrested in Grand Cayman for robbing a KFC… with a machete. [News 27]

Taco Bell: Miami Dolphin-turned-Arizona Cardinal Joey Porter nailed for a DUI in the parking lot of a Bakersfield, CA, Taco Bell. [NBC Miami]

Burger King: A woman in Southampton, UK, says she was sexually assaulted in the handicap stall of a Burger King. [BBC]

If you hear of any fast food-related crimes in your neck of the woods, send ’em to the Consumerist Tip Line.