Cruel UPS Store Employee Drives Me Back To Post Office

Evan says a UPS store employee was so annoyed he wanted to ship packages at her store that she muttered about him under her breath to coworkers and even suggested he use USPS instead.

It’s a suggestion Evan promises to follow from here on out. His tale:

I have used UPS stores for years and always considered the experience at them invaluable when compared to the USPS. But I just recently had an experience so horrendous I don’t think I will ever go back to a UPS store again. Upon entering store [redacted] we were immediately greeted with a disgusted sigh at the number of items that needed to be shipped. I would assume UPS would be happy! I guess not. When the CSH started packing I asked how much some bubble wrap would cost to fill in the box. When quoted $7.50, for maybe a foot of wrapping, I decide to use a newspaper instead. She refused and said they won’t ship it if I insisted on using newspaper. When someone came out from the back they convinced her that it was OK for me to use newspaper. (What if you wanted to ship a newspaper??)

At that point a new customer came in. He was given such an attitude that he almost immediately turned around and left, package with no postage in hand. She then turned to me and said “if you want to use newspaper you should just go to the post office.” Now mind you, at no point did I care enough to even give her an attitude or argue with her, which made it even stranger that she was so ticked off. She then proceeded to mutter under her breath about me and my friend for the entire time while packaging (easily 15 minutes or more). When a mere nine packages came to over $120.00 that just added insult to injury. I would gladly pay more to have someone pack my items for me, but four times more and be insulted? Had I listened to her suggestion to leave, she would have lost two customers – one of which racked up a $120.00 bill. In a mere 20 minutes, she single handidly lost two custmers.

I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would rather package the items myself and get terribly slow service at the USPS office, then pay easily four times as much and get insulted consistently at your establishment. Its back to the USPS!

If you’ve ever had a comparable shipwreck, please share.

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