Why Everyone Loves Costco: Small Selection, Good Quality, Low Prices

ABCNews took a look inside the mysterious world of Costco. Why does everyone love it so much? Turns out the secrets are simple: Small selection, good quality, low price.

From ABC:

“We keep our selection down so we can get the most out of it and offer the best value, the best price,” Long said.

The store only offers about 4,000 unique products for sale at any one time. Compare that to a typical supermarket, which carries about 40,000 products, or a Wal-Mart store with about 125,000 products.

Costco’s buyers hand-select each item, like the more than 200 varieties of wine sold at many Costco stores, making them the largest wine retailer in the world.

AIso, in addition to wine, Costco sells a lot of nuts. The only product it sells more of than cashews is toilet paper. Interesting stuff.

Do you shop at Costco? Is it worth the membership? Do you seriously buy toilet paper and cashews?

Inside Costco: Secrets of America’s Favorite Stores [ABC]

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