Is It Ever Okay To Not Tip The Pizza Guy?

Consumerist reader Chris (no, it wasn’t me) wrote to us hoping to get a resolution to a pizza delivery dilemma he recently faced. Because he’s outside their delivery area, he went to pick up his order from his favorite pizzeria. But when he got home, he found out they’d given him the wrong pizza.

When he called the pizza place up and told them what had happened, they were very polite and said they were sending out a delivery driver with a replacement pizza, even though he was outside their delivery area.

We’ll let Chris explain the quandary he faced next:

But now I was stuck with a dilemma about the delivery. Should I tip the delivery guy for a pizza that I already had to go pick up once? My wallet tells me no, since it was their mistake. But my conscience tells me yes, because the driver isn’t the one who made the mistake and that’s how he makes his money.

In the end, Chris decided to tip the driver but he wanted to find out what other people would have done. Voice your opinion in the poll and use the comments to let us know in what situations — if any — you feel it’s okay to not tip the driver.

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