Nintendo Gives You An Excellent Reason Not To Buy The DSi XL — The 3DS

Quick marketing lesson: How do you spoil a rival’s product launch? Announce a far superior gizmo of your own just days before the other one comes out.

Nintendo is following the gameplan with precision, only the problem is it’s ruining the release of its own jumbo-sized DSi XL by revealing its 3D-enabled 3DS will come out within the next year.

The DSi XL, due out Sunday, already had a couple strikes against it because it doesn’t add any remarkable features to distance itself from the DSi, other than the larger screen that comes with a “portable” system that’s too big to fit easily into pants pockets.

But how ’bout that 3DS? Nikkei reports the system is backward compatible with DS games, has 3D graphics without the need for glasses, motion controls, rumble force feedback, as well as improved battery life and wireless speed. I know they say not to wish your life away, but the 32-plus years that will have stood between me and the day I get to start making hot, sweet thumblove to the 3DS will be rendered inconsequential once I get my hands on that thing.

With all that in mind, is there any reason you can think of to buy a DSi XL this weekend?

No Glasses Necessary For 3-D Nintendo DS Debuting In FY10 [Nikkei via Kotaku]

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