Dish Sues DirecTV Over Copy Cat Ad

A few weeks after DirecTV filed a lawsuit against rival Dish Network alleging that Dish made fale claims in their “Why Pay More?” TV ads, Dish has turned around and filed a counter claim against DirecTV for copying those same ads in their new TV campaign.

This all began when DirecTV took issue with a series of Dish ads claiming that they charge customers significantly less than DirecTV for the same service.

In addition to the suit filed last month, DirecTV recently launched their own series of ads called “To Tell the Truth” and featuring Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. In the spots, a panel consisting of three guys, each representing either DirecTV, Dish or generic “cable,” the DirecTV fella shoots down the other panelists’ advertising claims.

This didn’t sit too well with Dish, who filed a counter complaint Monday, alleging that these ads “mimic look and feel of certain ads in Dish Network’s Why Would You Ever Pay More For TV campaign.”

Dish also has a problem with DirecTV claiming that they are “America’s fastest growing satellite TV service.” According to Dish, they were the fastest growing during the second half of 2009.

In addition to monetary damages, Dish’s counter complaint asks the court to order DirecTV to retract and correct its “false and misleading advertising claims.”

Here are some of the ads for you to enjoy:

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