Tampa's Stripper Mobile Is Back In Business

The Stripper Mobile is a rolling billboard for Tampa’s Déjà Vu gentlemen’s club. It’s a truck that rolls around the city with a glassed-in box in the back where bikini-clad strippers pole dance, gyrate, and distract every driver on the road. The city took the Stripper Mobile off the road because of…problems with the truck’s registration. The city, however, was concerned with the Stripper Mobile’s trips through residential neighborhoods, skimpy bikinis, and vigorous booty-shaking. Now the truck is back, in a much tamer form that will probably still piss people off.

[The club’s manager Eric “Ice”] Terrell says a registration issue has been resolved allowing them to drive the stripper mobile again. He also says after meeting with police they’ve agreed to make some changes. They include having the dancers in the back of the vehicle wear more clothing while performing less suggestive moves.

“No body parts can be exposed and they cannot simulate any sex acts,” Andrea Davis of the Tampa Police Department told 10 Connects.

The truck now can’t hit the road until after 10 PM, can’t visit residential neighborhoods, and the dancers now must wear tiny shorts and a babydoll t-shirt–an outfit that exposes less skin than your average Hooters uniform.

Stripper mobile back on the streets [WTSP]

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