NJ Walmart To End Racism By Reducing Access To PA System

Remember that New Jersey Walmart where some fool used the store’s public address system to tell all the African-American shoppers to leave? They’re trying to prevent it from happening again by cutting back on the number of in-store phones that have access to the PA.

There are currently 25 phones employees can use to make announcements to the entire store, some of which are available for public use and not all of which are visible from the store’s security cameras. Managers of the scandalized Walmart did not specify how many phones they’d be removing or blocking access to (though we have a hunch all the remaining ones will be within line of sight of a camera).

Meanwhile, Washington Township police say they are working “on a couple of leads” in the incident.

Glouco Wal-Mart changes phones after incident [Philly.com]

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