When It's Time To Start Running Out The Clock On Life, Tucson Is The Place

BusinessWeek came out with a list of the most affordable places to retire, and my hometown of Tucson topped the rankings. This is a big deal for Tucson, given it normally doesn’t top any national statistical categories other than impoverished education systems and cholla stings.

The BusinessWeek explanation of the choices:

Tucson, home of the University of Arizona, is a scenic, affordable place to retire. It is surrounded by mountains and the dry beauty of the Sonoran desert. It has its own airport, just six miles from downtown Tucson, more than 100 parks, a good public transportation system, and plenty of public and private golf courses. The university and University Medical Center are among of the state’s largest employers.

Richmond, Virginia; Overland Park, Kansas; Apache Junction, Arizona and Jekyll Island, Georgia round out the top 5. But they all got dominated by Tucson, so those four cities can suck it. Especially you, Apache Junction.

America’s Best Affordable Places to Retire [BusinessWeek]

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