Woman Crashes Toyota Into Church, Blames Stuck Accelerator

Another day, another report of a Toyota crash being blamed on a stuck gas pedal. This time, it’s a 76-year-old woman in Connecticut claiming her recalled Toyota Camry went nuts on her and — in spite of her best efforts to stop it — crashed into a church.

The driver says she was attempting to park her car at the church parking lot when it began to go out of control, crashing into the church steps, down the exterior stairs and across the street before finally coming to a stop on someone’s lawn.

According to the driver, the gas pedal became stuck and caused the incident. She says she attempted to use the brakes, and put the car into neutral but she was unable to slow down the vehicle. The driver also says that she received her recall notice the day before the accident occurred.

“I just want people to know this is not her fault. This is not a little old lady who stepped on the gas pedal by mistake,” a witness told reporters afterward. “This was definitely something she could not avoid.”

Neither the driver nor her 15-year-old grandson were hurt, though the car did do some damage to the church steps.

Woman Crashes Toyota Into Church [Hartford Courant]

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