Gerber Machete Recalled Because It Could Cut You

Gerber Legendary Blades is recalling 149,000 machetes in its Gator line, because you could slice your hand open if it slides across the blade. Yeah, we kind of imagine that’s one of the things you’d want to watch out for if you’re carrying an 18-inch blade that’s razor-sharp on one side and saw-toothed on the other. Of course, it’s one thing to slash yourself because you’re off playing Indiana Jones without knowing what you’re doing, and quite another to have it happen because the knife’s handle wasn’t designed as well as it could have been.


(CPSC/Consumer Reports)

According to Gerber, “the saw side of the machete can stick in wood during use, and if the user’s hand slips off the handle and slides forward across the machete blade, this poses a laceration hazard.” The company says it received five reports of customers cutting themselves with the Gator. All needed stitches.

Gerber has modified the hand guard of the machete, reducing the risk of slippage. So, if you slice yourself open now, it’s your own fault, fool.

Gerber Legendary Blades Recalls Machetes Due to Laceration Hazard [CPSC via Consumer Reports Safety]

Machete: The Movie (NSFW, but awesome)

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