Ask The Consumerists: Would You Use A Credit Card With Your Photo On It?

Thinking about the controversy over asking for ID during credit card purchases, and the competing values of privacy and safety, Daniel had an interesting idea–though it isn’t a new idea. What if credit cards were photo IDs, and had our pictures on them? Logistical nightmare, or handy fraud-prevention tool?

He writes:

I don’t want to show anyone my license when I use my card but I’d have no problem using a card with my picture on it. Some companies do this, of course, but my question is what don’t they all require it? It seems like such a simple security measure that would cut down on much fraud. And it would be so easy to implement now—I can get any (acceptable) image I want on my Capital One card.

Having your face plastered across the entire surface of a card, like Capital One offers, is a scary prospect. But–leaving logistics aside–would you welcome such a measure?

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