Scarves With Microwaveable Heat Packs Recalled Due To Fire And Burn Hazard

The Therma Scarf, a polyester/cotton blend scarf with pockets and microwaveable heat packs marketed by infomercial powerhouse Telebrands, has been recalled. The scarf’s heat packs, made of flaxseeds, pose a fire and burn hazard to wearers. In a related story, someone actually thought it would be a good idea to make a microwaveable scarf with pockets.

Users were told that they could remove the packets for microwaving, or stick the entire scarf in the oven. Back in January, a Pennsylvania TV station tried out the Therma Scarf, and their sample caught fire. The CPSC has received a total of seven reports of Therma Scarf-related fires.

Telebrands Recalls Scarves with Microwaveable Heat Packs Due to Fire and Burn Hazards [CPSC] (Thanks, Mary!)
Therma Scarf Catches Fire During Tuesday Tryout [WBRE]

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