Chase Returns Retired Teacher's Stolen $6,200

For some reason, Chase bank decided to take a second look at the $6,200 an unidentified person removed from Bronx retiree Ernest Nitzberg’s checking account. It just might have been the outcry after he shared his story with a global audience on the Huffington Post.

Chase had told the 78-year-old that he fit the profile of a credit card cheat, and would not receive a refund of the $6,200 spent using a debit card that Nitzberg says he never received. The NYPD opened an investigation on the incident, but the crooks were just too talented.

A Huffington Post staff member contacted a Chase representative, and then justice happened.

Nitzberg said a bank rep called him to say he’d get his $6,200 back: “We examined the account and we saw no reason we should have disbelieved you and the money will be in your account this afternoon.”

A Chase spokesman confirmed the refund to HuffPost: “We reviewed the case again and we were able to make a refund of the customer.”

Nitzberg is glad to have his money back, but not exactly gleeful.

“[The bank rep] expected me to thank her profusely and prodigiously, and I did not,” Nitzberg said. “I said, ‘You have caused me enormous aggravation.'”

Hooray for the Internet!

Chase Refunds $6,200 To Complaining Customer [Huffington Post]

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