Why Won't Sprint Let Me Download My Photos?

Consumerist reader Miranda is apparently an avid photo bug, snapping over 2,800 pics on her Sprint phone over the last few years, all of which she’s uploaded to her Sprint Picture Mail account. But a recent update to the Picture Mail site makes it impossible for her to download her pics at once. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she weren’t trying to switch over to to T-Mobile.

Let’s hear it from Miranda herself:

I’m switching to T-Mobile, but I want to download my pictures from Sprint before I close my account with them. The problem is that Sprint has recently redesigned their Picture Mail site and removed the option to download all pictures at once in one zip file.

I called Sprint Customer Service about this and the technical support representative I spoke to confirmed that the batch download feature had been removed and the only way I could download all of my pictures would be to do so individually. I asked if there was any way I could register a complaint to Sprint about this, and she said there was an option to contact Sprint on the Sprint website that I could use.

I called again and spoke to a technical support representative named Mary; I told her the problem I was having and asked if I could speak to a manager about it. She transferred my call to a female manager named Cory; I again explained my issue, and she confirmed that the only way to download my pictures to my computer is to do so one by one. I asked if there was any way I could register a complaint about this without using the Sprint site, and she said she could forward my concerns higher up but she didn’t know when anyone would get back to me about it.

I don’t understand why Sprint would cripple its functionality this way, but I do know that this reduction in features is, at best, an annoyance to the customer, and, at worst (such as in my case), something that completely kills a vital feature of the phone.

We don’t know why Sprint, who continues to bleed customers, would do something to annoy them even further. Any thoughts?

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