The Post Office Keeps Losing My GameFly Video Games

Josh tries to keep up with the hamster wheel of video game releases through GameFly, the Netflix of gaming, but the USPS can’t seem to get the game envelopes to him. His story brings to mind the troubles GameFly has long had with the Postal Service.

I have been having a problem recently with the USPS and Gamefly. I have an issue of getting my games at all, not being delayed. Gamefly acknowledges that the games are being sent but I just can’t seem to get any at all. I have had the same game “Borderlands” sent to me 3 times and still have not received it. It has been nearly a month since the first one was supposedly sent to me through the mail.

I have called and complained to my local post office several months ago about this problem and it seemed to get fixed quickly but the problem is back again and I just can’t seem to stand it. I am currently on a 2 game plan where I am getting no games. While contacting my local post office I seem to talk to the same person who says they will call me back, but never does, so I always have to ask about how this situation is being resolved.

I am about ready to cancel my subscription withe Gamefly as I am currently spending over $24 / month for no service at not the fault of the service provider but rather the USPS. Do you guys have any tips as to how I might get this escalated or who I can talk to higher up the chain as my current solution just doesn’t seem to be working at all.

I have heard from Gamefly and they are threatening to reconsider whether they can continue my account based upon all the products that they are losing.

I haven’t heard from the USPS and I have continued to try and reach a resolution with my local post office and any calls to the 1-800 number has reached no resolution either.

GameFly users, have you had any trouble getting your discs through the mail?

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