GameFly Accuses US Postal Service Of Breaking, Losing, And Stealing Its Game Discs

Late last year we pointed out that GameFly, a Netflix-style program for video games, was beginning to develop a reputation for rotten service and slow turnaround. It looks like the United States Postal Service may be partly to blame, at least as far as GameFly is concerned. They’ve filed a complaint against the USPS over lost, stolen, and damaged discs, as well as discriminatory treatment when compared to Netflix and Blockbuster.

According to a complaint filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission and summarized at WebProNews last week,

Upon realizing so many of its games weren’t making it through the delivery process, Gamefly and the Postal Service tested to see what was happening. Even after changing to sturdier mailers with special handling instructions with specific mail machines listed, Gamefly games were still broken in the process. Nineteen USPS employees were also arrested for theft.

According to the complaint, the investigation also found that competitors Blockbuster and Netflix DVDs were manually removed from bulk mail and not processed through machines. This led to the company’s allegations of discriminatory treatment. Gamefly says working to resolve the problem with the USPS has not been successful.

“GameFly Files Complaint Against USPS” [WebProNews via] (Thanks to John!)

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