RoboCaller Spoofed My Cell, Now Angry People Call Me Nonstop


Rodger is screwed. A telephonic bot is using his cellphone number as the caller ID as it spam calls thousands of people. It’s probably a scam, too, because the message it leaves tells people that if they’ve had their credit card canceled recently, to press “1” and then enter their credit card number. Rodger knows exactly the message that’s left because loads of these people are angrily calling back his cellphone.

UPDATE: Took Matter Into Own Hands After RoboCaller Spoofed Cell

UPDATE: AT&T says they are tracking down the exchange where the robospam calls are coming from and trying to put a stop to them.

Rodger writes,

“Hundreds of people are being called, apparently from my phone number, and they are being told that their credit or debit card was cancelled and to press “1” and enter their credit card number. The problem for me is that many of these people are calling me to see what is going on and it is getting quite bothersome. Can you give me some advice as to how I can get this to stop? Can you assist in making this go away?

It started at 10am Sunday morning when all the calls were going to the 734 area code and today they are all going to the 402 area code. In between a few to 248 and 770. Many of these potential victims are calling me and I want it to stop. As a result, I am being victimized myself.

The cell number that shows up in their caller ID is mine: XXX-400-XXXX and it appears that this scam is only calling cellphone numbers. I sell AS/400’s, my number is perfect.”

The only thing we can Rodger can do is change is his number. He is loathe to do it because it’s a marketing tool for his server-selling service. We asked his provider, AT&T, if they have any ideas but haven’t heard back yet.

It’s a really stinky situation Maybe there’s another number out there he could try that is good for marketing? And just send out an email to all your clients notifying them about the change? It’s a shame though because in this economy who wants to lose out on potential business because you’re forced to change your phone number by a bunch of scambots?

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