How To File Your Taxes For Free

Generation X Finance tells you how to avoid paying to file your taxes, starting with the method that’s been passed down since the days of caveman accountants — do your taxes yourself with pen and paper.

The post explains how to procure simplified software and filing programs from the likes of H&R Block and TurboTax.

Here’s what the post has to say about H&R Block at Home:

H&R Block at Home software has been one of my favorites for the past few years. I’ve used the online version and it’s easy to use and has found a few good deductions that I may have otherwise overlooked. This year, H&R Block has a free online option that not only allows you to complete your taxes for free with their online software, but it includes free federal e-file! File for FREE with H&R Block Online Free Edition.

The free online filing edition is perfect for those with simple tax situations. It’s great for students, individuals and couples that aren’t self-employed, and those who don’t need to itemize deductions. The simple interview process will walk you through your taxes with some basic questions, and you typically just enter the numbers found on the tax forms you receive in the mail. You can then instantly submit your federal taxes for free via e-file. Keep in mind that if you need to complete a state tax return, you’ll have to purchase that or go through with completing that return by hand.

If you’ve used a free service to file your taxes, let us know how that worked out for you.

How to File Taxes for Free – FreeFile and Free Tax Software [Generation X Finance]

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