Fake Boob Sets Off Fancy Schmancy Airport Security Scanner

We live in a brave new world, people. Cars park themselves. Two-year-olds are Twittering. And now the TSA’s latest and greatest security technology has become sentient enough to let us all know that it does not approve of breast implants.

Sandra Fish of Politics Daily had her left breast reconstructed following a mastectomy. The writer recently got to enjoy the experience of stepping into a Millimeter Wave full-body scanner at lovely Denver International Airport. Unfortunately for her, this new-fangled enhancement to the airport’s security didn’t know what to do with her enhancement.

“The woman there asked me to step on the yellow footprints and raise my arms above my head. She murmured into a headset to start the scan. There was a quick motion through the plexiglass. She asked me to turn, step on the green footprints and hold my arms straight out. Another scan.

She motioned me out of the scanner and asked me to wait for word from someone in some secret room somewhere, someone looking at a vision of my body sans jeans, cardigan, turtleneck, etc. Hmmm . . .

Then she said she needed to check something. And she began sweeping her hands around my left breast and rib cage.”

After finally cluing the guard into the fact that she was the owner of a silicone implant, she was released without any further scans or manhandling.

A TSA spokesperson says the implant should not have set off an alert and that it must have been something else on Fish’s person. However, the owner of the artificial breast claims to have not had anything on her body other than comfy cotton clothing.

Only time will tell if this becomes a true nuisance, especially as these Millimeter Wave scanners are installed in airports located in cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

My Left Breast Put Fancy TSA Scanner to the Test [Politics Daily]

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