Cash4Gold Stops Suing Whistleblowers; FL AG Launches Investigation

The lawsuit stemming from our post from last year, “10 Confessions Of A Cash4Gold Employee,” is all over. At the beginning of February, Cash4Gold stopped suing the two ex-employees Michele Liberis and Vielka Nephew. And just this Sunday, the Florida Attorney General announced they’ve opened a civil investigation into Cash4Gold. It seems you can still speak truth to power after all.

Without any settlement, Consumerist was dropped from the lawsuit back in September, though the legal action did not deter us from continuing to report the story. ComplaintsBoard reached an out-of-court settlement and was dropped from the case. Where Michele Liberis’s original post was on their site it now says, “Due to several reasons the information has been removed.”

Vielka Nephew said she was glad that the tribulations were over. “But unfortunately the stigma attached to the ordeal is another story. If you Google Michele or myself, we are forever associated with Cash4Gold,” she said, “as the ex-employees who were sued by their ex-employers for breach of contract.”

“There is a pattern of complaints from consumers who allege that they are not paid nearly enough for the gold they send to Cash 4 Gold, some checks are as small as .07 cents,” said the Florida Attorney General in filing the case. Their announcement continued, “Consumers also state that they have contacted the company within the 10/12 day period and were not satisfied with their checks and wanted their gold returned, only to be told it was already melted. Others allege that when they send the check back to the company for the return of their gold, the gold never arrives back. Numerous complaints allege that the company says they never received the gold or that the envelope was empty when it arrived.”

Last month, NY Rep. Weiner called for an FTC investigation into Cash4Gold.

Cash4Gold did not return Consumerist’s repeated requests for comment. However, they did tell the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “We are and will continue to be a leader on the partnership between law enforcement and the mail-in gold buying industry we pioneered.”

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