Airline Declares "No Boys Allowed" In The Bathroom

After decades of having to share airplane bathrooms with messy fellow travelers of the male persuasion, female passengers on one airline are about to get a new perk — female-only restrooms.

Starting Monday, passengers on international flights operated by Japanese airline All Nippon Airways will notice that one of the lavatories in the back of the plane will be designated for solely female use.

According to ANA spokesperson Justin C. Massey, the airline is merely catering to the desires of their customers, who voiced their desire in a recent survey.

“They didn’t list any specific complaints,” explained Massey. “It was just more a matter of general preference.”

While All Nippon is designating one women-only toilet per plane, female passengers are free to use any of the other restrooms on board. No water closers will be labeled as “for the fellas.”

And though dudes are generally persona non grata in the ladies room, there are exceptions, such as passenger safety or illness, that will allow Y-chromosomes into the forbidden restrooms. Additionally, ANA says they will lift the man ban “when there are very few female passengers.”

Surely you have some opinion on this matter. Woman — Does barring boys from the bathroom do anything to improve your in-flight pit stop? Men — Is this actually going to stop you from using that bathroom when there are lines at all the others?

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