New Report Says AT&T's 3G Network Is Fastest

Here’s the latest in the “my phone is better than your phone” war. A new test of upload and download speeds on 3G networks in 13 cities has AT&T coming out on top by a large margin over Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Someone cue the next round of Luke Wilson commercials…

According to the PCWorld test, the average download speed on AT&T’s 3G network was 1410 kbps, 61% better than #2 finisher Verizon’s 877 kbps. T-Mobile’s downloads were a close third at 868 kbps, with Sprint’s 795 kbps picking up the rear of the pack.

AT&T’s upload time of 773 kbps was also the winner, almost 80% better than Verizon (434 kbps). This time, Sprint’s upload time of 396 kbps was enough to relegate T-Mobile (311 kbps) to the back of the line.

These results a wildly different from PCWorld’s similar test from about a year ago, which had AT&T in third place behind Verizon and Sprint.

Reads the report:

AT&T’s download speeds in New York City were three times faster in our latest tests than in our tests last spring; in San Francisco, the AT&T’s download speeds were 40 percent faster.

Does this change your mind about which cell phone carrier you choose? AT&T customers — have you noticed any marked improvements in the last year?

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