VIDEO: The Daily Show On Credit Card Reform

When you are a major national bank, and your fees and policies compare unfavorably to those of a Mafia loan shark, you’re probably in trouble. To celebrate the CARD Act going into effect on Monday, last night “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” gave their audience a quick overview of how credit cards work. (“Or maybe they’ll just give you a rate hike of 30% for no reason at all. Why? F*** you, that’s why!”) Then correspondent Wyatt Cenac spoke with two people who have unique insights into how the American lending industry works: former Bank of America credit collections CSR, YouTube star, and Consumerist hero Jackie, and former Mafia loan shark Lou.

Lou’s insight: Sure, if you’re behind on your payments with the mob, you might “accidentally” fall down a flight of stairs, but at least they won’t kick you out of your house. Thanks, Lou.

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Make it Rain – Bank of America [The Daily Show]

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