"Robin Hood" Hacker Exposes Banks Awarding Secret Bonuses Despite Paycut Promises

A hacker has stolen the tax information for over 1,000 Latvian companies, and is now revealing, via Twitter, which banks did not take the paycuts they promised in return for government bailouts, and which are awarding secret bonuses.

Calling himself, “Neo” and claiming to part of a group called the “Fourth Awakening People’s Army,” the Twitter updates have escalated the criminal act to cult status and has some people calling him a “modern-day Robin Hood.” The actions play into the country’s popular unrest as Latvia grapples with its worst economic fiasco since spinning off from the Soviet Union. Neat, hey, can we get one of these guys over here?

Cyber-whistleblower stuns Latvia with tax heist [AP]
Latvian ‘Robin Hood’ hacker leaks bank details to TV [BBC] (Thanks to Heather!)

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