Remember To Use Your Credit Cards Occasionally Or The Bank Will Close Them

We regularly get letters from people who are upset that their bank “unilaterally” closed a credit account they hadn’t used in years. They’re always quite surprised that the bank can do this, and usually want to get their accounts back. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You really do have to use your account occasionally to keep the bank from closing it.

Santiago says:

This morning when I logged onto my BofA online banking site as I often do, I noticed that my old MBNA credit account was gone from the list of accounts. I wrote a message to customer service and their reply was that I should call the toll-free number. (Bank of America acquired MBNA in 2006.)

After some 20 minutes of ‘let me transfer you to the right department’ and holding, a lady by the name of Cameron told me something like “you don’t use, we close it”

Now, it is true that I have not used this account in a few years but I find it disappointing that Bank of America can unilaterally close a credit account. Especially since this has implications on my credit rating.

Please help, I would like this account reinstated.

Getting the account reinstated is going be tough. We have heard of one guy who got Chase to reopen his account, so it is possible that Bank of America might do the same. You’re going to need to try to escalate your complaint to the highest level of customer service support you can — and then cross your fingers.

For the rest of you, to avoid the hassle and potential credit score problems, it’s easiest to occasionally buy a pack of gum. Ya know?

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