Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Causing Developers To Ditch Projects

For some developers of mobile phone applications, Monday’s announcement of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 software may mean putting an end to their slates of in-the-works projects.

Anthony Wieser of Wieser Software had been working on several applications for the existing Windows Mobile 6.5. But he may need to start from scratch in order to get these apps to work properly in WP7.

“Everything looks different,” he explained. “It’s difficult to see how existing applications will fit into the new framework.”

Meanwhile, Charlie Jorgen of Seattle’s Trinket Software, believes it’s inevitable that he’ll have to redo all his existing applications for WP7. “I’m surprised there won’t be compatibility and concerned about the rework we’ll have to do,” he said.

Another question posed by developers is whether or not Microsoft will follow the lead of Apple — who will only allow application downloads through their App Store — and require all mobile applications be sold through their store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Currently, developers are permitted to sell their product directly to end-users.

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