Google Buzz Subject Of Class Action Lawsuit

We had a feeling it would come to this. Lawyers in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., have filed a class action lawsuit against Google for, among other allegations, violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act with its recently launched Google Buzz social networking tool.

The complaint was filed in a San Jose, Calif., court on Wednesday. And though the only named plaintiff is a woman from Florida, the lawyers behind the case say they are seeking to represent the 31.2 million Gmail users whose private contact list was made public when Buzz was launched without warning and with little explanation.

In addition to unspecified monetary damages, the suit is asking the court to prevent Google from releasing any sort of future product that might have a similarly invasive effect on users’ private information.

As of this posting, Google had not yet replied to the lawsuit.

Local Class Action Complaint Filed Against Google Buzz [SF Gate via cnet]

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