Personal Finance Roundup

Questions to Ask After ‘I Will’ but Before ‘I Do’ [Wall Street Journal] “Some time between ‘Yes, I will marry you,’ and ‘I do,’ you and your partner need to have The Money Talk — the key questions all couples should ask of one another.”

Money matters in a marriage [The Washington Post] “Having a sound financial marriage is as romantic as roses and chocolate.”

5 things that kill home insurance [MSN Money] “Here are conditions that could make it hard to buy coverage for your home.”

How to Get the Best Rates on Your Savings — Safely [Get Rich Slowly] “With high-yield savings rates getting lower and lower and the stock market not doing so well either, what would you recommend?”

The New Credit-Card Rules: What to Expect [Smart Money] “[Here] are the key changes that the new law puts forth, along with some notable exceptions that could still allow consumers to get in trouble with their credit cards.”