Dell Delayed My Computer Purchase A Month, Took 50 Minutes On The Phone To Let Me Cancel

Danish says he ordered a Dell desktop computer late last year, and was willing to wait until Jan. 22 for its expected delivery. After that date kept getting bumped back until more than a month had passed, Danish canceled the order on an arduous phone call.

He writes:

I ordered a Zino HD system on December 29 of last year. My expected delivery date was January 22. My order proceeded to get delayed to 1/29, 2/5, 2/13, 2/16 and then 2/23. I called in to cancel today and I was transferred 4 times and I had to spend 50 minutes on the phone to cancel my order.

I told the Customer Service Manager that I would simply like to cancel my order and that I would never do business again with Dell. He didn’t offer any apology nor did he offer to do anything to compensate me for my wasted time.

It’s plainly obvious Dell is doing very well in this down economy and doesn’t care that they are losing a customer for life. I’m hoping you guys can shed some light on this issue. Or the broader issue of Zino HD delays and their disregard for customers experiencing these delays. Dell says they are ‘overwhelmed with orders for this very popular item and are struggling to meet demand.’ Well it’s funny because they have quick ship models available and they are actively promoting the item as well. Also, if they are so backed up, why would they keep delaying my ‘In production’ system one week at a time? Shouldn’t they have a good idea when they could ship a product? And why doesn’t anyone on the phone know really what’s going on?

Also, here is a 20 page thread on Dell Zino delays and Dell’s utter lack of customer service (as if you guys didn’t already know).

How long do you wait for items you order online before you cancel?

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