Man Spends $7K, One Year Battling Sonic Over $3.45 Overcharge, Resulting Arrest

Ray wanted his happy hour discount at a Sonic in Colorado, and wasn’t about to settle for paying more than double the $3.40 he thought he owed. Although his receipt read 4:11, meaning happy hour was over, Ray correctly insisted Sonic’s clock was fast. But the restaurant wouldn’t budge on the price and Ray ended up leaving in handcuffs, touching off a yearlong legal battle.

From CBS 4 Denver:

“Our clock is 15 minutes fast,” Crawford told Garcia, “and we have an automated system. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”

Unhappy with that explanation, Garcia insisted on speaking to a manager. Sonic manager Bobby Aragon wrote that “there is a time difference of 13 minutes between national time and our sonic time.” But Aragon was not willing to give Garcia the half price deal.

Unsatisfied with that explanation, Garcia pressed the issue and was told to leave. When he didn’t, Sonic workers called Golden police. Officers arrested Garcia and charged him with trespass and harassment.

The Sonic still hasn’t changed its clock to the right time, the story says.

Happy Hour Ends In Arrest Of Sonic Customer [CBS 4 Denver]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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