iPhone Users Sucking Up 5 Times As Much Data As Blackberry Users

Just in case you didn’t already know this from all the times you’ve seen someone bust out their iPhone just to pull up imdb.com or Wikipedia to settle a bar bet, a new study published by our hot cousins at Consumer Reports shows that users of Apple’s super phone are using up to five times more data each month than Blackberry owners and nearly double that of other smart phones.

Since AT&T won’t share data usage stats, even when asked really nicely, Consumer Reports commissioned a study to see just how much data all those iPhone users were soaking up looking at GoogleMaps, checking sports scores and reading Consumerist. And according to the results, the average iPhone user’s uploads and downloads are around 273 MB per month, while Blackberry folks only chewed up a paltry-by-comparison 54 MB each month.

The study also revealed that, unlike Blackberry or smart phone users, iPhoners are really getting the most out of their data plan. While 80% of non-work Blackberry users and 54% of smart phone users are utilizing less than 50 MB of data each month, less than 20% of iPhone owners are using below the 50 MB mark.

If you’re one of those people who really likes graphs, here’s one for you:

Exclusive: iPhones hog much more data than other smart phones [Consumer Reports]

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