How I Maneuvered Through The Walmart Receipt Check Gauntlet

Jeff says he did what many dream about but few accomplish — he kept his receipt hidden from Walmart snoops at the expense despite stiff resistance.

He writes:

Returning from a camping trip that was cut short due to bad weather, I was driving through Nashville the weekend they had the nasty weather. It was evident I needed new wiper blades so I asked Garmina (my trusty Garmin) the location of the nearest Walmart on my path home.

It directed me to a location in north metro Nashville. I found 2 wiper blades and a gallon of washer fluid and proceeded to wait behind the two women that were somewhat rude to the very slow checkout girl (its not her fault Marlboro’s were 5.25 a pack) I purchased my items, said thank you (something the prior two customers didn’t do), and took my items without a bag to the entrance.

Being tired, weary and pretty grungy looking after 3 days of camping with cold and rain, I’m sure I didn’t look like the most upstanding citizen. This with the fact that I hadn’t shaved for 2 months in preperation for our annual “guys only” winter camping event. I was also in a foul mood having been in traffic for 4 hours and dodging kids in the store to find my items.

The lady saw me coming and told me she needed to see my receipt. I informed her I wasn’t required to do so and she told me otherwise. I asked her if she was accusing me of shoplifting, because if she was we could talk to her manager and see their evidence. She said she was not accusing me of anything so I told her have a nice day. This did not satisfy her one bit.

At this point another customer showed up and presented his receipt without asking and distracted her. She ordered me to wait right there until she could get a manager. I told her that the manager could find me in the parking lot putting on my wiper blades, and I left.

The manager never showed up, neither did any police cars, so I guess she ignored the challenge. My buddy, who bought some sunglasses and didn’t get checked at all, thought it was hilarious.

You’d think this sort of domineering, customer distrusting practice would tend to drive some Walmart customers away, but Jeff and his friend seemed to have enjoyed the experience so much that they’ll surely be back again and again, never, ever, ever showing their receipts.

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