Sony Miffed We Posted CEO's Email Address

Sony is peeved that we posted an email address for Jack Tretton, President and CEO Sony Computer Entertainment America, the man in charge of Playstation. They even go so far as to intimate that we have the wrong email address and are bad people. Thing is, we got it from a reader who used it successfully on his issue, and we checked it out. Playstation’s director of blogopolis massage, Patrick Seybold, writes:

“Hi Ben,

Can you please remove the email you listed for Jack Tretton from your website? If you would like to have your readers contact us directly, you can send them to a variety of places, of which I’ve listed a few below. Not sure what you gain by posting what you think is Jack’s email directly – it can and will confuse your readers.

PlayStation Blog: – we are extremely active in responding to comments and queries here.

Customer Knowledge Center:

They can call directly at 1800-345-7669

Thanks and your quick cooperation will be appreciated. I can’t find your phone number anywhere to reach you directly, so please let me know as soon as you can.

Patrick Seybold
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
Sony Computer Entertainment America”

No, we won’t be removing Not sure what’s so confusing about the email address,, Patrick. “When no one listens to you at Playstation, take it to” seems pretty easy to understand.

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