Toyota Stops Selling 8 Popular Car Models

A week after issuing a recall on over 2 million vehicles due to faulty acceleration pedals, Toyota has announced it will stop selling 8 popular models in the U.S., as well as shut down 6 U.S. factories, while it deals with the problem. The faulty pedals were made by a U.S. manufacturer but have also been installed in cars sold in Europe, although Toyota hasn’t said what it plans to do outside the U.S. for now. Update: says Toyota was required by law to stop selling the models after it announced the recall last week, so it’s actually kind of strange that it waited five days.

This video clip from My Fox NY has a short interview with a woman in New York who crashed into a cement planter because her pedal got stuck. (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

“Toyota US Sales Halt Deals Blow to Image, Earnings” [Associated Press] (Thanks to Carlos!)

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