3 Essential Twitter-Enhancing Sites

This week I’ve stumbled upon three sites that made Twitter a heck of a lot more usable. These add-ons, which require you to log in with your Twitter username and password, have boosted my virtual self-esteem with compliments on my Twitter style. They’ve allowed me to vengefully un-follow dozens of Twits who had either given up on the ADHD social networking service. And they’ve liberated me from tricky oppressors I’d been following only out of mistaken loyalty, assuming they were following me.

A rundown:

Friend or Follow — It divides your Twitter-related folks into three categories: Those you follow but don’t follow you back, those who follow you without you following them back, and friends you follow who also follow you. It’s liberating, vindictive fun to click through the first category and dismiss the people you don’t care about.

Untweeps — The site separates those you follow based on the last time they posted (I refuse to use the term “tweeted” — whoops), letting you trim away the deadweight who bailed weeks or months ago.

Twitter Grade — It evaluates your Twitter skills, gives you a score out of 100 and suggests ways you can improve. Either that or it gives everyone a 95, tells them they have no room for improvement and leaves them giddy with unwarranted confidence. Either way, it rocks.

What are your favorite Twitter performance enhancers?

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