Newborn And Mountain Dew Ruin Macbook, Applecare Goes Above And Beyond

Mark’s MacBook had an unfortunate run-in with an open container of Mountain Dew while he was holding his newborn daughter. He called Apple, but expected no help from the company, and certainly not an exception to Applecare’s accidental damage rules. He was wrong, and surprised.

Hi, saw that post about cat vs. MacBook and reminded me I’d never sent in my own experience.

My daughter was born early June. 3 days of labor and an emergency delivery later, I was holding her, rocking back and forth. Right into an errant drink, right into an open MacBook that was hospital bedside. What can I say, I lacked all coordination at that point.

It was fried. HD was still ok, so no newborn photos were lost. Called Apple’s standard 800 number and explained my situation. A 15 minute hold later and I was transferred to Customer Relations. I didn’t have Applecare. The agent said they could help me if I had it. I was able to purchase Applecare for the fried laptop over the phone.

At which point they were able to issue an ‘exception’ that allowed liquid damage to be covered. I went to my local Apple Store to drop it off, but was told my exception had been denied. I called again (this was a Sunday!) and was put on hold.

Long story short, the person I ended up with called the store’s manager personally and got everything ironed out in their system. Walked back to the store, dropped it off and had a fixed MacBook a week later.

Apple and their reps really went above and beyond. I called expecting nothing and came out with a working laptop. They definitely had 0 obligation to fix anything.

Just wanted to give Apple some well-deserved public thanks.

Amazing! Apple wasn’t even obligated to give Mark advice about cleaning the soda off his keyboard, but instead granted an exception made of awesome and win.

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