McDonald's McObjects To You Calling Your Event "McFest"

McDonald’s has nothing better to do than sue a 19 year old whose last name, McClusky, was the inspiration for the name of an event she puts on to raise money for the Chicago chapter of Special Olympics. The event is called McFest, and it has raised $30,000. Trouble is, McClusky has now spent $5,000 of it defending herself against McDonald’s legal assault.

From WalletPop:

McClusky says she’s frustrated by the company’s desire to clamp down on and in effect penalize a charity event — especially when McDonald’s supports Special Olympics as well. “It has nothing to do with food, arches or their colors,” she said. “And our M’s are pointy, not curved.”

McClusky hopes for a truce that will allow her to keep the McFest name. Still, she’s unwilling to make a corporate sponsorship tradeoff along the lines of “McDonald’s Presents McFest.” For their part, McDonald’s representatives maintained that they have no desire to squash McClusky’s charitable efforts, and desire an “amicable resolution.”

McDonald’s says they are required by law to “guard against third parties that infringe our trademarks.”

Are all things “Mc,” automatically McDonald’s?

Teen’s charity name draws the McIre of McDonald’s [Wallet Pop] (Thanks, Sarah!)

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