This Petsmart Uses The Opposite Of Bulk Pricing

Maybe, you, our wonderful and brilliant readers, can figure out the logic behind the pricing scheme for aquarium air stones that Kevin discovered at Petsmart. Because we sure as heck can’t. In a move that would make Target weep with envy, air stones become more expensive the more you buy.

He writes:

I was shopping for fish tank this this past week at the Pet Smart in north Seattle, and I came across some great prices for air stones, the little guys that make bubbles for your fish tank.

Always looking for the best deal, I saw the six pack for $3.99. Sitting right next door to the sixer was the single, at $.99, the econo pack was looking pretty good, coming in at just over $.66 each!

Then, lo and behold, one more peg to the left, were single stones, this time with no fancy packaging, at $.49 each. I think I’ve found a winner! Good thing these are sold individually, according to the bulk box, because those singles in nice packaging right next to them seem to be sold with a healthy dose of ripoff!


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