Personal Finance Roundup

Are You Tracking Your Budget, Cash Flow, and Net Worth? [Dumb Little Man] “Tracking your net worth on some sort of regular schedule is a must for anyone serious about decreasing debt and increasing wealth.”

11 moves to supercharge your finances [Smart Spending] “11 steps you can take to easily improve your finances in the coming year.”

The Damage of Card Rewards [NY Times] “It’s possible that the poor pay subsidies to finance the rewards of the affluent.”

How Poker Can Make You a Better Investor [Kiplinger] “Learn to avoid emotional traps by playing a little Texas hold ’em.”

The Future of Plastic: 5 Credit Trends for 2010 [Smart Money] “If 2009 was the year of hammering out credit-card reform, 2010 will be the year consumers feel the effects of those changes.”


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