Fluevog Offers Great Service, Free Slightly Scuffed Shoes

People seem to either love or hate the odd designs of Fluevog shoes, but on a visit to one of their retail stores, Lee learned that the company’s retail customer service went well above and beyond to make a customer with a problem happy.

Yesterday I bought a truly awesome pair of boots from the NYC Fluevog store but after wearing them for a day I found that the boot’s square toe was killing my big toe. I went back to the Fluevog store after work to exchange them for a larger size. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a larger size in stock and had to order one from a sister store in Boston. I would be charged a $12 shipping fee but I’d gotten the shoes at 15% discount anyway so that didn’t bother me. The only problem was that I had walked to the store wearing the boots and I didn’t have another pair of shoes with me. The solution? The super-kind staff at the Fluevog store found a pair of boots in my size in their discard pile and gave them to me for free!

You know what a discarded Fluevog boot looks like? It looks like something you want to put in your mouth. It’s looks better than any other shoe I’ve ever owned. It has a scuff or something on it that you can’t see without an optical zoom. I love these boots. So, not only do I still get my new square toe’d boots for $200, I’ve also got another pair of arguably nicer boots for free. And Fluevog’s last forever, even in New York!

In the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to give the free boots away as a gift. To my husband. Who wears the same size shoe as I do…

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