Office Depot Offers Refund For Computer Ruined With Glue

Last week, we shared the story of Scott, whose computer was not quite repaired by Office Depot’s Product Protection Plan. We’re pleased to report that Office Depot got in touch with Scott through Consumerist and has given him a full refund for the computer that hey slathered glue on and mailed back to him.

As the Office Depot rep wrote to us,

It’s painfully obvious to me that Scott has not enjoyed the type of experience we expect customers to receive when they file a claim under our Product Protection Plans and I’d like to make sure he gets the help he needs.

Thank you, Office Depot. Now, in future, try to get computer repairs right the first time, and fix things competently for everyone–not just people who take their case to the Internet.

Office Depot Repair Slathers Glue On Laptop, Says “Good Enough”