Cablevision Replaces Food Network And HGTV With Passive-Aggressive Announcement

Cablevision subscribers woke up yesterday to discover that Food Network and HGTV were gone from their television screens. GONE! What now runs on the space where those stations used to be is a slightly rewritten version of Cablevision’s statement about the situation. It strikes us as a little passive-aggressive.

Here’s a transcript, in case you can’t play or listen to the video:

At the conclusion of our current agreement on December 31, Scripps Networks has decided to pull its channels off your Cablevision TV system. Why? Cablevision has made a number of fair and reasonable proposals that would allow us to continue offering Food Network and HGTV in the same manner that we have over the last several years. All of our proposals have been rejected by Scripps.

We are sorry that Scripps current financial difficulties are making it impossible for them to continue our relationship under terms that are fair to everyone. However, it is clear that Scripps has dramatically changed its approach to working with distributors who carry their channels.

We wanted to keep bringing you HGTV and the Food Network while we continue to negotiate, but Scripps has decided to pull these channels. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience. We are hopeful that Scripps will reconsider its decision, and choose to continue the type of business relationship that both companies have enjoyed for years. Thank you.

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