Next Time You Fly, Prepare To Be Patted Down And Computerless

Are we not allowed to have electronics with us in the cabin when we fly now? Is it true that we can’t get up in the last hour of a flight, and everyone gets patted down now? Most importantly, what about the electronics?

The enforcement of the new security measures will be “unpredictable,” but things have definitely become stricter.

Electronic devices: cannot be brought into the cabin of the plane on international flights to the United States.

Patdowns: Required, for now.

Items on laps: No blankets, bags, suitcases, purses, etc on your lap during the last hour of flight. Your hands must be visible at all times.

No potty breaks: Passengers cannot get out of their seats for the last hour of a flight.

If you’ve experienced these new rules, let us know. From a consumer point of view, we’re particularly concerned about the electronics ban and potential for theft from checked baggage.

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