Delta Offers Gold Status To Victims Of Pyschotic American Airlines Stewardess

Delta has offered Gold status to anyone who was on the ill-fated American Airlines flight where a stewardess screamed at a first class passenger who had the gall to ask for orange juice, and had him given a written warning by the captain.

Your article was forwarded to me from an industry peer and I thought maybe you would like to offer “Gold” status on Delta to anyone mentioned in your article or that was on the flight that was offended by the treatment they received during the flight.

Please let them know to contact me.


Chuck Imhof

I wonder if the correlation between “Gold” and orange juice is intentional.

This email is made even more interesting because Chuck jumped from American Airlines to Delta as head of regional sales, and American Airlines sued him and tried to prevent him from taking the job at Delta for allegedly emailing confidential strategy and pricing documents to his personal email account before resigning.

Revenge is best served in a plastic cup filled with ice cubes, eh, American?

We’re still waiting for American to get back to us about this incident.

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