When In Disney World, Skip The Meal Plan Unless You Really Love Dessert

Blogger Well-Heeled reviews Disney World’s $40-per-person-per-day meal plan. She semi-convincingly endorses it with a notable dose of buyer’s remorse.

The plan is good for one fast-food meal, one sit-down and one snack per day. Well-Heeled says the plan saves you money if you bought every item you ate on the plan a la carte, and are the kind of person who goes for multiple daily desserts. She writes:

If you select an expensive table service dinner (above $40), you will usually come out ahead of the Plan than if you had purchased the exact same meals not on the Dining Plan. But you’ll see that the Plan is very heavy on dessert – if boyfriend and I were purchasing our meals with cash, we wouldn’t be getting a dessert with every. single. meal.

That is one of my biggest problems with the Dining Plan – it would be much more convenient if we can choose either an appetizer OR a dessert with the Quick Service or the Table Service meal.

What’s your amusement park dining strategy? Mine involves pre- and post-game trips to McDonald’s and daylong fasting, shoving emergency churros into my kids’ mouths as needed.

Walt Disney World Dining Plan Review: Worth The Money? [Well-Heeled Blog]

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