Morning Deals

  • Firestone : [Maintenance] Standard Oil Change for $12.99 w/ Coupon – Printable (Starts 1/2/10)
  • Clothing

  • Teva/Adidas: [Shoes] 60% off all Adidas and Teva + $7 shipping
  • REI: [Clothing] REI Holiday Clearance – up to 50% off
  • Hand Held Items: [T-Shirt] E-Sketch T-Shirt with Illuminated Changeable Message Panel for $19.99 + $5.95 Shipping
  • Amazon: [Shoes] Up to 70% off Designer Shoes at
  • OshKosh B’Gosh: [Apparel] 20% Off $50 Purchase w/ Coupon – Printable
  • Levi: [Clothing & Accessories] The Levi’s Store Winter Sale: Up to 50% off + extra 20% off
    Computers and Electronics
  • Microsoft Store: [Laptop] Dell Adamo 13.4-inch Ultrathin SSD Laptop $1,124.25 + free shipping
  • Amazon: [Netbook] Samsung N130-13P 10.1-inch Netbook (Pink) $295.51 + free shipping
  • Amazon: [Laptop] Gateway NV5820u 15.6-inch LED Laptop $560.03 + free shipping
  • Microsoft Store: [Laptop] HP Pavilion DM3-1044nr Intel SU4100 13.3in Laptop (4GB/320GB/Win7) $561,75 Free Shipping
  • TigerDirect: [PC] Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz Quad-Core Barebone Computer (4GB/1TB/HD4670/MORE) $729.99AR
  • Dell Business: [PC Server] Dell PowerEdge T100 Dual Core Server $269 Shipped with Coupon
  • Skinit: [Accessories] 30% Off Entire Purchase w/ Coupon SANTASAYS
  • Western Digital Store: [USB Hard Drives] Western Digital External Hard Drives from $40 + free shipping
  • Walmart : [Blu-Ray Player] Philips Blu-Ray Player for $128 + $7.97 Shipping
  • Entertainment

  • Amazon: [70s TV shows] Good Times, What’s Happening, Soap, Sanford and Son complete series on DVD $29.99 each + free shipping
  • Amazon: [TV series] Newsradio: Complete Series on DVD $29.99 + free shipping
  • Amazon: [DVD] The Complete Monty Python’s 16 Ton Megaset: Flying Circus $34.99 + free shipping
  • Various: [Video Games] Video Game & PC Game Roundup (Modern Warfare 2 $39, Assassin’s Creed 2 $39, MORE)
  • Amazon: [Video games] Spend $80, Get $20 Credit on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, DS games
  • Health and Beauty

  • [Health] Alli Starter Pack 60 count plus 30 (90 ea) $34.99
  • Dove : [Skincare] $2.00 Off Dove Ultimate Visibly Deodorant w/ Coupon – Printable
  • CVS / Pharmacy : [Health] 20% Off Entire Purchase w/ Coupon dec20
  • Home

  • Home Depot: [Home & Garden] Home Depot Internet Specials from 39 cents + free shipping
  • Toys

  • LeapFrog: [Kids] New LeapFrog Coupon Code 30% Off + Free Shipping $30+
  • eToys : [Toys] Buy Two Toys and Get 3rd Free Event
  • Amazon: [Games] Save up to 40% or More off Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Cranium, and other Party Games

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  1. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    Does anyone have any opinions of that bluray player listed? I’m actually shopping for one.. so any reccomendations are welcome.

    • FnordX says:

      You may just want to get a PS3. It’s not only a Blu-Ray player, with full HDMI and digital audio out, but also a really good media server, for showing video and audio from any computers on your network, and NetFlix, and Youtube, etc. It’s also going to support the 3D TV standard they’re working on for the future, when they get the TVs to support it.

      Plus it can play games.

      • Daemon Xar says:

        Except that the PS3 is like double the price, and I’ve heard it’s not great to watch a whole lot of movies on it. Supposedly it’s designed to spin intermittently (for gaming), not constantly (like when watching a movie), and watching too many movies can destroy the system.

        That said, I’ve periodically watched blu-rays on mine for the last year and a half.

        • lotussix says:

          i have both an xbox and a ps3 and i primarily use my ps3 for blu-ray as it was cheaper to get a ps3 than a blu-ray player at the time i bought it.

          i have no problems with my ps3 nor do i have any problems with my xbox. then again, i take good care of my electronics.

          • Daemon Xar says:

            Good. I’ve never met anyone in person who’s had problems with the PS3 dying, so I’m glad there’s at least anecdotal evidence that it’s not harmful.

            I do have to say, though, that my PS3 is much louder than the $130 Samsung blu-ray player I bought at Costco in December. So I’m now using the Samsung more.

      • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

        I have a HD Roku box so I’m not worried about any of that stuff. Mr. Aroo would like a PS3 but doesn’t want to shell out the dough when he knows the next gen consoles are obviously coming sometime in the future (I say obviously, because they keep lowering prices on PS3 and Xbox360 and they do that when they’re getting old)

        Besides the fact that the newer PS3s seem to be stripped of quite a few features that the older ones had.

        I really just want a decent BluRay player for a decent price.

    • Daemon Xar says:

      Costco (in western states, at least) has three for under $150. The $129 Samsung (after instate manufacturer’s rebate) seems to be working great for me, has all the appropriate inputs, and streams Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube if connected to teh interwebs. I’ve had mine for almost a month and have been very happy with it. Starts up quick, runs nearly silently, and hasn’t glitched. Haven’t used it as much as most people might though (got an Xbox 360 and DVR at the same time).

  2. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    *sigh* Still want an asus netbook with a *decent* battery for ~$250.. the ones on sale at best buy always have the crap battery, and I still will have to pay to upgrade the ram. I had hoped after the holidays the price would’ve dropped across the board.

  3. Ominous Gamer says:

    Motorstorm and Madworld where in the BestBuy print ad. Great prices on both games, to great TBH. Both games are sold out within 50 miles of me :(

  4. TheMonkeyKing says:

    Unfortunately, the Monty Python DVD set is from the edited versions of the show and not really the originals.

  5. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    I have the seasons of NewsRadio I want, i.e. the Bill McNeal years. I didn’t like Max.