French's Boasts That Its Large Mustard Is Bigger Than Its Small

This bottle of French’s mustard caught Stefanie’s eye with its 40 percent more boast, but she read the smaller print to determine that the label was a sly way of saying nothing at all.

She writes:

I bought this mustard bottle a few weeks ago, and didn’t notice till today what exactly it said on the bottle. Usually when you see the ‘xx% more’ on the packaging, it means you’re getting some free. Not so this time! They’re just telling us that it’s bigger than their smaller size. Gee, thanks.

Next we can expect to see condiment makers boast that their bottles are several thousand percent larger than packets given out for free at fast food restaurants.

Is French’s a pioneer on this specious tactic of pretending to give the customer more, or have you noticed other examples?

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