Greyhound Refunds Would-Be Traveler It Stood Up

Miriam wanted to take the Greyhound bus on a trip, but it was Greyhound that took her for a ride, refusing for several weeks to refund her ticket, offering only a voucher.

Then a magical thing happened. Miriam complained to us, we posted her story and Greyhound put Miriam’s refund on the express train. She writes:

I’d like to stay positive – but the fact that it required an internet article a month after the fact to get a refund for horrible service and a horrible response to customer complaints still ensures that I will not be traveling with Greyhound again. The existence of watchgroups like Consumerist is essential to ensuring that consumers are treated fairly.

Count this as a happy ending for Miriam, but too little, too late for Greyhound.

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